Our Story

 Four Generations of Farming 

Somatic Hemp is a family run business started in the heart of America's midwest - Tulsa, Oklahoma. We specialize in manufacturing health products made from locally grown ingredients. 


We started Somatic Hemp in 2018 to help bring regenerative farming practices back into the mainstream of American agriculture. Our family has farmed hard red winter wheat along the bottom land of the Salt Fork River in north central Oklahoma for four generations. With the legalization and resurgence of American grown hemp, we want to play a part in bringing this remarkable crop back into the world. 

We see the potential of cannabis - grown as industrial hemp - to become a staple in the crop rotations of farms across America. From its flower to its roots hemp is a useful plant. Its flowers are medicinal.  Its stems are fibers for fine fabrics and strong structures. Its seeds are a nutritional powerhouse. Hemp is helping us to sustain our farm and helping reenergize our fellow farmers. The restorative and nutritional benefits of cannabis are truly extraordinary, and we are dedicated to bringing them to you in the most direct, pure and ethical way possible. 

We locally source the highest quality hemp available. We cold press seed oils from local farmers to create the highest possible nutritional and medicinal products, while helping area farmers create a sustainable livlihood.