Frequently asked questions

Are hemp products right for me?

The benifits of hemp products are many. CBD can be a helpful tool in your medicine cabinet, and hemp oil is certainly a highly regarded companion in the pantry. Everyone is unique. We encourage you to do your own research, and find out what products may help in your life. If you need a good place to start, check out our blog post on hemp & health!

Are your products lab-tested?

Yes! We have all of our products third-party tested at a local certified facility. All of our tests are available and we are working on publishing each products corresponding lab-results in our shop. In the meantime, we make the lab results available to you upon request.

Does Hemp Contain THC?

The short answer is no! All of our products are classified as hemp products. Hemp is defined as cannabis containing less then .3% THC. It takes alot more than .3% to have a pyschotropic effect, so you will be in the clear with our products! If you are worried about products containing .3% THC, check out our THC free tincture!

How do I know if its working?

The effects of CBD are said to take up to two weeks to feel. Some people can feel the effects immediately. It can take some time to find the right products and the right dose for you. The best practice is to start with a lower concentration (our lowest concentration is 500mg) and build up from there. We reccomend to take 1ml morning and night for the best results.