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Many people have heard of the benefits of hemp, but not everyone knows the full story on how this tiny superfood came to be known as a complete nutritional powerhouse.

The history of hemp is one of the longest stories in human history, with instances of humans using it dating back over 10000 years. Although its first documented uses were as textile, and later, paper, it has long been used for its medicinal and nutritional benefits. Due to the long prohibition on hemp derived products, it has not been properly studied until recently.

Hemp is a complete source of protein Coming in with a whopping 31% protein content, hemp is one of natures most spectacular plant proteins. In only 100 grams of hemp seeds you can get nearly 65% of the recommended Daily Value of protein. These tiny seeds are packed with protein. They are considered to be a complete protein - meaning they contain all nine essential amino acids. Hemp seeds contain a surprisingly high amount of the amino acid arginine, which is a precursor for the production of nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide is recognized as a signal messenger in the cardiovascular system, indicating hemp may be considered a truly heart-healthy food.

Stacked with Vitamins and Minerals Hemp seeds contain an impressive range of vitamins and minerals. Not only are hemp seeds especially rich vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous, but they contain a significant amount of iron zinc and a full B vitamin lineup. These vitamins and minerals are present (in varying degrees) in nearly every preparation of hempseed.

Research suggests Hemp to be Anti-inflammatory Perhaps the most far-reaching and promising benefits of hemp reside in its potential anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp - specifically CBD - has gotten a lot of attention for its potential anti-inflammatory uses. In a review first published in 2015, Doctor Sumner Burstein discusses a number of therapeutic uses for CBD in the broad area of inflammation. There have been multiple studies focusing on the effect of CBD on inflammation, and many of us have heard quite a few convincing anecdotal accounts. This 2017 article which set out to study the efficacy of suggests CBD may be an effective treatment for certain types of joint pain by inhibiting inflammation.

It is a shame that we have neglected to study this powerful plant for so many years. Although the brief period of scientific study this plant has seen over the last decade has been fruitful, we are only beginning to understand the scope of its benefits.



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